That'll be a sketchy portrait of Tom


I'm Tom Waterhouse, a designer and illustrator based in Bristol, UK. Specialising in Illustration, Website design and Video Game design, I'm always happy to help out with whatever project you might need my skills for. Get in touch!

The name '2DForever' came from a love of traditional hand-drawn art (ie: sans 3D modelling) and especially from classic 2D video games of yesteryear.


Can I use your images for whatever I want?

Yes - providing you give some form of credit.

No - if you're using for commercial reasons (ie: Making cash).

It's the internet and I can't stop you. However if you do, please could you link back to my website, or provide some form of credit such as my name, or website name so people can find the original.

Are you available to work on my project?

Awesome Cool Yes Please. If you have a great project that you think I'd be good for, drop me an email and I'll let you know my rates & availability. I'm afraid I don't have time for free projects, I have loads of them myself already!

What software do you use?/How did you do that?

The answer you want to hear is Adobe Photoshop. However, the real answer is that it doesn't matter, as it's just a tool to use. Draw lots and often and find whatever way suits your flow!

Check out my blog for tutorials that might be useful.