Phaser homepage

Making Games!

Phaser is a HTML5 game framework developed by Photonstorm that keeps growing in popularity. Most game framework websites lack any branding and appear very techy — with Phaser I wanted to focus on the outcome of game design: the fun!

Phaser showcase screen. The different showcase types are shown as different planets within a solar system.

What could of been a standard list of items, I designed a solar system for the Phaser feature showcase. Each planet was a different category, that would zoom off to reveal the different showcase examples.

Phaser Getting Started Page design and illustrations

Phaser’s logo, created by the talented Ilija Melentijeic, was a strong brand asset. I continued the theme throughout the site and added more illustrations in the same style to bring pages to life.

Phaser Manual page designs

Phaser arcade cabinet illustration with close up detail

A Phaser arcade cabinet was illustrated for showcasing Phaser games. The final arcade cabinet is highly detailed and was a real treat to make!