Green Capital Digital Challenge

Fact that is in no way opinion: Bristol is the best city in the world.
And the best city in the world received the very first “European Green Capital” award for the year of 2015. Basically it means Bristol will be green and get even greener – environmentally of course, which I think is great.

Part of that was the Green Capital Digital Challenge, an event where competing teams develop digital goodness promoting environmental awareness in a 48-hour hack weekend. So naturally, we made:

Super Trash Heroes Logo

(It was a winning entry!)

Our retro pixel art heroes are here to save the world by … taking out the trash … And various other cheesey lines! It’s a fast paced arcade-action game that pits your environmental crew against a dumpster looking to add to the nearest landfill.

I was lucky to be on a team with some fantastic guys at PlayWest, a new games company formed of students and graduates from the University of the West of England. I tagged along as artist for the weekend and churned out as much art as possible within 48 hours.

Super Trash Heroes screenshotSuper Trash Heroes screenshotSuper Trash Heroes screenshot

If you’ve ever played Metal Slug I’m sure you’ll see the inspiration here. We quickly figured out that the characters needed to be quite small on screen for the action to work well. Cue lots of cute and quick-to-make animations:

Character running animationCharacter punching animationCharacter pickup animationVehicle boosting animationVehicle smoke animation

And even a pixelly Bristol!

Pixelart of Bristol City

We were one of the lucky teams chosen as a winning entry, which means we get more funding to take the game further. So expect more bin-puns.

Thanks again to the wonderful guys at PlayWest and congrats to the other successful teams!


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